One of the strengths of DHD Logistics is our import and export express delivery service in Europe. Based on the advantage of a strong relationship with foreign agents, we are confident to provide customers with fast, safe, affordable delivery service with a variety of options. Super speed, fast, often.

DHD Logistics provides shipping services to Europe

For customers who use DHD’s services become familiar with our service quality

We are a large logistics company with many years of experience in international freight forwarding.
DHD always tries its best to provide professional shipping solutions to Europe to ensure correct and higher quality.

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Items shipped to Europe

– All kinds of documents, records, important papers, documents, letters sent to partners/customers.

– All kinds of heavy goods, light goods, samples for the company

– Express delivery of dry foods, dry specialties, personal tools

– Fashionable items of clothes, shoes, wallets, handicrafts

– Gift items, mailers, cards, birthday gifts for relatives living, studying abroad, friends.

– Electronic goods such as cameras, mobile phones, tablets.

Benefits of using shipping at DHD

– Fastest shipping time only from 3 -5 days

– Competitive price with the lowest cost saving 30% for customers

– A team of experienced consultants in handling goods

– Free packaging support

– Ensure the safety of the goods until the customer receives them



Hotline: 0967 783 698 – 0971 978 595
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