Customs consulting & guidance on customs clearance procedures for import and export goods is always a matter of concern to many businesses. Each country will have different practices. Therefore, customs consulting services play an extremely important role.

Customs consulting service DHDlogistics

Customs clearance procedures for import and export goods are very complicated and each country will have its own regulations. Therefore, when the documents are not prepared adequately, appropriately & carefully, any error or deviation at any level can cause delays, incur many other costs. relate to. Even in severe cases, violations can be fined.

If you are a non-specialist, inexperienced, do not understand the regulations on customs procedures in that country, don’t worry, DHD Logistics will advise everyone how to solve this problem by guiding the Customs clearance procedures not only in Vietnam but also in other countries.

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Packing the goods

DHD Logistics will rely on business activities, products, nature and other relevant information to give customs advice to you. With our expertise & experience, we will definitely help you clear your goods quickly and efficiently.

The company has a team that specializes in high-quality customs clearance. With professional knowledge & enthusiastic attitude, to serve everyone in the best way. DHD Logistics is proud to be the companion of every business. With diverse consulting services, affordable expenses, we want to bring optimal benefits to our friends.

Highlights of DHDlogistics Customs Consulting Service
DHD Logistics is an expert in the customs declaration & international forwarding market, every day we handle millions of customs documents. We use most of our human resources who are experts from the host country. Because they understand the customs regulations in that country.

In addition to international shipping, customs clearance services of DHD Logistics will accompany and support your shipments to be safe and fast.

Especially, with the package customs service, you will not have to worry about anything. All procedural matters will be handled by the company.

Customs consulting services of DHDlogistics include:

Policy on Customs Procedures & Documents with import and export goods
Goods management policies by specialized departments such as: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Construction, Department of Quarantine…
HS code for import and export of goods
Consulting on suitable import and export model
Mandatory standards and terms for international sales contracts as required by customs.
Dissimilarity between delivery location conditions.
Determine the taxable value.
Tax calculation & distribution of freight and other charges for each item value.
Choose a multi-modal shipping strategy to optimize time & cost.
How to buy item insurance.
Tax refund and procedures, tax refund dossiers.
Please exempt from tax
Dossiers & procedures for tax exemption consideration.
Imported goods serving the defense and security industry.
Import-export goods carry out procedures to apply for CO tax exemption and reduction.

DHD Logistics is committed to fast and efficient handling of procedures. To ensure that shipments are cleared quickly and efficiently. We continue to support everyone until all procedures are completed.

International freight transport is an important link that determines the success of a whole design chain. DHD Logistics as a distributor of logistics solutions, consulting customs procedures. For advice and support on customs consulting services, please contact us directly.


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