One of the strengths of DHD Logistics is our import and export express delivery service to America. Based on the advantage of a strong relationship with foreign agents, we are confident to provide customers with fast, safe, affordable delivery service with a variety of options. Super speed, fast, often.


Are you in need of shipping to countries in the Americas? Please refer to the delivery services of DHD. We are the agent of the leading shipping companies today, including: DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx. With many years of operation in the import-export service industry. DHD Logistics has earned the trust and respect of many people.

Reasons why people should choose DHDExpress shipping service to America
– Competitive freight charges: Because DHD Logistics is an agent of FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT. So when you choose our services, you have the opportunity to save up to 30% on freight. Along with that, DHD Logistics also has a typical price policy, often giving discounts to loyal customers and customers who send in large quantities.
– commitment to delivery on time: The delivery services of DHD Logistics are very fast, always committed to deliver on time with you.
– Guarantee of goods reliability: DHD guarantees to refund 100% of the value of goods if loss or damage occurs.
– Professional delivery service: DHD Logistics receives and sends goods to more than 220 countries & territories worldwide.

As society is developing, countries around the world are opening up more and more, promoting foreign policy with many countries around the world. Because of that, many service models also come from here and grow stronger, especially express delivery to the Americas.

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Products are prohibited from express shipping to the Americas

Prohibited items are those that are clearly specified in the laws of Vietnam and many other countries when there is mutual trade and exchange of goods. Usually these items will cause serious impacts on social, economic and political security.

Details of some products listed on the banned list include:

– Skins of wild animals.

– Products with a premium value such as pictures, artwork, gems, diamonds, etc.

– Guns and ammunition.

– Ivory and foods made from this material.

– Plants, seeds of all kinds.

– Flammable waste or liquid.

– Counterfeit goods.

– Opium or illegal drugs, tobacco.

– Highly corrosive substances such as acids, batteries, etc.

– Items containing gas such as gas cylinders, lighters, etc.

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Professional Americas Courier Process

The process of implementing international product transfer, typically to the Americas, is carried out with the following steps:

Step 1: Receive information
When receiving everyone’s needs, DHD Logistics staff will confirm, advise and give the best advice on the service package that you can choose to meet in terms of safety and on time.

Step 2: Receive goods and check
After that, the staff will receive the package and check specifically to remove the products listed as prohibited, if any. In addition, this is also the collection step as well as the most thorough representation of the quantity and quality of goods being transported.

Step 3: Do the packing
To ensure the safety of packages sent to the Americas, products should be classified and packaged in a manner compatible with each product’s properties, specifically.


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