Import and export is one of the key sectors in the economic activities of a country. A country that wishes to thrive must have an exchange of goods within the country & with countries around the world.

With many years of experience in foreign trade and import and export trade, DHDlogistics is ready to support you for FREE the entire import and export process.

What is import and export trade?

Other import and export is an industry that operates differently from other normal trades. The main reason is that the circulation of goods in import and export is subject to the supervision of the customs of the countries. This leads to strict requirements on procedures and papers, infer that it is not possible to fully understand and be familiar with these procedures, typically in Vietnam or some other countries. Customs is quite complicated. However, that is one of the duties of the import-export industry.

Import and export trade that is trade, supply & import and export consignment. In each line of import-export trade, businesses will have full services to support the circulation of goods at a macro level, more specifically, support agencies and companies to export – import. import goods and support the necessary customs procedures.

Warehouses and factories you deal in import and export trade like DHD logistics are the right hand to help the economy develop stronger.

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Import consignment

Import and export trade at DHD logistics

DHD logistics manufactures import and export trade services such as:


Trade includes domestic and global free trade activities. Commercial activities include export and import.

DHD logistics trades a variety of goods, provides products and services to distributors, manufacturers and consumers. We have many years of experience in foreign trade & import and export trade, with a team of experienced employees to help customers’ business always be favorable.


DHD logistics has a large warehouse system and supply center to make your product supply or production never interrupted.

In addition, we can connect with service ports, a diverse and fast transportation system that can completely meet everyone’s needs. With a large transport team, we are present in all major cities and provinces across the country and are always ready to serve our customers.

Import-export authorization

In addition to export, import and manufacturing activities, we also manufacture import and export entrustment services. Import and export entrustment service is the passport for you at home and abroad. In addition, DHD logistics also provides import and export consulting services for entrustment. Complete as follows:

DHD logistics will sign foreign trade contracts on your behalf & make related foreign trade payments.
For domestic customers looking for partners, DHD logistics will advise, introduce customers and trade goods.
Support and advise customers on import and export procedures, on behalf of everyone to carry out import and export procedures and delivery at ports.
Support & together with you to resolve complaints related to foreign guests.
Financial advice on payment, payment level and payment term on the basis of customer preference.
Understand the seasonality of goods, understand the geographical characteristics of different regions.
DHD logistics has long experience working with many domestic and foreign partners through reputable e-commerce platforms around the world. Knowledge of all import and export regulations.

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Our guarantee

DHD logistics is always committed to providing fast – neat – safe – efficient services, ensuring that all your import-export or entrustment activities take place smoothly & quickly.
The process of import and export goods delivery ensures on schedule and accurate location.
A team of professional and methodical staff are always ready to assist you anytime, anywhere.
Cheap freight rates – dedicated service, spacious and professional warehousing system, a large transport team.

With DHD logistics reputation and service quality are always put on the top. We always try our best to make everyone’s business develop, so we hope to fully contribute our efforts to promote the maximum development of the import-export industry in Vietnam. Male.

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