Non-tradable non-commercial freight is one of the most important services of our company. All procedures, costs of import-export taxes and shipping times are notified in advance to customers. With strengths from foreign partnerships such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, .. DHD Logistics has been transporting hundreds of packages every month to countries and even those difficult goods such as electronic components, cosmetics, food, … with fast time and reasonable fees, diverse services.

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What is project goods?

Small-trade goods or other names such as non-commercial goods, hand-carried goods, tax-packed goods, etc., have many forms to describe this form of import.

Each shipping company has certain strengths, and it is undeniable that non-commercial import is the most prominent strength of DHDlogistics.

DHDlogistics routes that are providing this form of import include:

South Korea
Hong Kong
All procedures, import and export tax rates, freight prices & shipping time are all notified in advance to the customer. Customers only need to receive the goods & do not have to pay any additional spending budget.

Products that are often required to be imported in the form of quotas:

Computers, components and electronic products
Machinery, equipment, tools and spare parts
Fabric Type
Materials for textile, garment, leather, shoes
Metals of other common metals
Seafood products.
Fresh vegetables, tubers and fruits.
Wood & wood products
and a few other items
The price list DHDlogistics quotes for everyone is a package price, Excluding surcharges, arising, and surcharges. From the perspective of tax-included import, no unit can meet the lower freight rates than DHDlogistics.



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