What is project goods?

Project goods are special goods with strict requirements on the professionalism of staff, specialized means of transport and reasonable plans to save the most time and costs.

What do we have?

With a full range of modern equipment, specialized means of transport, skilled staff, and experienced strategic experts in a skillful combination of methods, knowledgeable about import customs declaration procedures, With machinery equipment, we have successfully carried out many shipments for projects with demanding conditions from domestic and foreign companies. Therefore, DHDLogistics, we are confident to be your reliable shipping partner who needs to transport project goods.

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Project cargo transportation

To meet the needs of socio-economic development, in addition to normal freight services, DHDlogistics performs the services of machinery and equipment, oversized and oversized cargoes for the domestic market. countries as well as some neighboring countries such as Laos, Cambodia…

We have the following salient features:

+ Experience in multimodal freight transport to combine transportation safely.
+ Participated in a number of large and modern projects
+ Together with partners, there is a complete, modern and safe equipment system
+ Efficient exploitation and transportation process with optimal options
+ Skilled, qualified, enthusiastic and responsible human resources team

Combined with other services such as road and sea transportation, using many good equipment, performing customs declaration, customs clearance, import and export consulting has served many large projects, typically such as: Nghi Son Cement Plant, Vung Ang Thermal Power Plant, Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Factory… and serves a number of international contractors such as SamSung C&T, as well as a number of cinema projects in Laos…

Website: https://dhdlogistics.com/en/
Hotline: 0967 783 698 – 0971 978 595
Email: chidp.dhdlogistics@gmail.com
Address: No. 28 Duy Tan, Dich Vong Hau, Cau Giay, Hanoi