For high value items, fresh seafood or urgently needed time. We recommend that you choose the type of freight transport no to save the best cost and time.

Advantages of air transport

The strongest advantage of air transport is high speed. As we all know the aircraft has the highest speed of all transport modes in the world today. Average speed of cargo aircraft or passengers is about 800-1000km / h. It is possible to compare vowis of some other common means of transport (12-25 knots / hour), trains (60-80km / h), trucks (60-80km / h).

Second, air transport also has the highest safety. You can listen on the radio and television to see the tragic plane crashes. However, the fact that the airway is evaluated is much safer than the road or rail.

There are also a few other outstanding advantages such as:

  • Not obstructed by such terrain as road or waterway transport. As a result, air transport is able to connect nearly all countries in the world, overcoming all ocean limits or rugged mountains.
  • Fast, punctuality: aircraft rely on very fast flight speeds, flight times are often fixed and scheduled.
  • Minimize losses caused by broken goods or petty theft that often occur in vehicles traveling by car, ship …
  • Transport insurance costs are lower because air transport is less risky than other modes.
  • Minimum storage fees, due to the speed of procedures and shipping.

Those are the advantages of air transport. But the biggest drawback is that air freight is quite expensive, calculated for every kilogram. Therefore, you should consider reasonable choices.

Vận tải hàng không có nhiều ưu điểm nổi bật.

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Trucking service

DHDlogistics air transport services

DHD Logistics is currently an agent of many large aircraft companies operating in Vietnam. We specialize in providing air transport services from Noi Bai airport, Tan Son Nhat, Da Nang to all airports in the world and vice versa. Ensuring the fastest service and the cheapest cost.

  • Regular, affordable flight service, with travel time of 1-2 days for Asian regions. From 2-3 days to parts of Europe and America.
  • Fast flight service with higher cost, goods only go in 2-7 hours for countries in Asia. Within 24 hours to destinations in Europe, USA.
  • Direct flight service to parts of Asia such as Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia …

Customer benefits

Come to DHD Logistics, our professional shipping company will advise you very closely about the service packages, procedures and continuous support to help your items be always safe. Come to the recipient quickly.

Air transport services from all airports in the world and Vietnam. Meeting the needs of transporting goods from many different countries.

Accurate specialized consulting services related to sea transport and import and export of goods.

Coming to DHD Logistics air transport service, customers do not have to worry and feel secure about the quality of service, safety of goods and fastest transit time. We have been undertaking air transport of the following items:

  • Transportation of common goods and high value goods.
  • Transportation of plants and animals, aquatic products.
  • Transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Transporting goods by air via air.
  • Shipping by airmail.
  • Transport door to door delivery at home or company.

DHD Logistics with the motto always put the interests of customers first. We rely on the nature of the goods and time requirements to advise you on choosing the most appropriate package and airline. In order to save costs and time. Please contact DHD Logistics when you need it.

Hotline: 0967 783 698 – 0971 978 595
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