Delivery service, freight today is no longer a strange service for everyone. Especially with those individuals and businesses often have a need to deliver and receive goods. However, to ensure the goods are absolutely safe during transport, you need to pack goods carefully and thoroughly.

Benefits of using packaging services

Packaging is essential and needs to be focused in the process of transporting goods, especially for long-distance and international transportation. The benefits of goods packaging service bring:

  • Goods will be guaranteed absolutely safe and intact when shipping.
  • Compact package, not bulky, minimize the case of broken, cracked, batch …
  • Can transport or move goods in large numbers.
  • Save time and shipping costs.
  • Help customers be more secure with their goods.

The packaging of goods sounds simple, but if not carefully packed, it is easy to cause damage, damage to the quality of goods. Because each type of goods will have different packaging and balancing requirements. To ensure that the storage and transport process is not damaged, torn or broken. Particularly for glass, crockery, porcelain, electronics, chemicals or Buddhist cultural items, they need special preservation.


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Professional, cheap packaging service

DHD Logistics will provide customers with a full package service with very preferential fees. Goods of customers coming to us will be packed according to the standards, the right size requirements. They are packed into packages on demand before being shipped.

The packaging of a package is divided into the following categories:

  • Package the goods with different sizes.
  • Package of fragile goods
  • Packaging of goods is equipment, industrial machinery
  • Packing the goods that need refrigeration
  • Package of chemicals, dangerous and flammable substances …

Depending on each type of goods, DHD Logistics will measure and pack appropriately to help goods be better preserved. All costs used to pack goods such as tape, carton will be provided by the company. In addition, DHD Logistics also supports customers with transportation services with preferential rates through our nationwide agent network.

Why should you choose packaging in DHDlogistics?

  • With many years of experience in the field of freight transportation, we know very well how to pack and transport goods to ensure the safest and most effective.
  • With a team of highly skilled and confident employees who provide customers with the best service.

Package goods

  • Particularly for special items that are difficult to pack such as Buddhist statues, chemicals, oversized goods, we are confident that the No. 1 choice for safe and cheap packaging services.
  • DHD Logistics provides a comprehensive service from packaging, storage, transport and delivery. A closed, comprehensive, flexible, and convenient service.

Packaging process DHDlogistics

  • First, the staff will measure the dimensions, quality, and weight of the goods.
  • Plan, packaging specifications for the goods.
  • After that, company employees make specific quotes for customers.
  • Enter the packaging contract if the customer agrees
  • Carry on packaging as required.

DHD Logistics is a unit specializing in providing transport services and we have seen the importance of packaging is absolutely necessary. Therefore, we want to bring a complete service from packaging to shipping. Through safe packaging services, cheap, in order to serve customers when using shipping services of DHD Logistics.

To bring more peace of mind to customers, each service of DHD Logistics is purchased cargo insurance. We are ready to advise anytime, anywhere how to pack and transport goods when customers need it, including when customers do not use our services.


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