Besides the mode of road transport, air transport, the form of “sea transport is also quite popular today. The additional exploitation of this form of transportation helps customers to have more options suitable for the transport of their goods and ensure the most efficient delivery.

Items you should transport by sea

In addition to the goods prohibited from transportation in any form, sea transport can accept to transport almost all types of goods. This is considered one of the most prominent advantages of sea transport compared to other means of transport. If the goods are not accepted by other modes of transport, you may consider shipping by sea.

Vận tải đường biển

                                                           Vận tải đường biển

Usually with goods transported by sea will be divided into groups to transport units arranged from which to offer the most optimal shipping plan.

  • Goods with physical and chemical properties such as items that are easy to absorb moisture, easy to fly dust like powder … Or dangerous goods like chemicals, solutions.
  • Goods vulnerable to the external environment such as tobacco, spices, tea …
  • Aviation is not affected by other goods: construction materials such as iron, steel, etc.

In addition, sea transport is also divided according to the form of transport:

  • Transport by container.
  • Transport by barges
  • Transport by refrigeration.

From the advantages as well as the regulations on goods that are allowed to be transported by sea transport, the shipper has given him an option to transport goods effectively, at a reasonable price.

If the item does not require speed of delivery, sea transport would probably be one of the optimal shipping options, especially for orders with large volumes.

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Sea freight charges at DHD Logistics is expensive or cheap

Compared to other normal transport modes, sea transport is considered to be one of the most economical transport modes and has been chosen by many companies and units.

With a team of staff with many years of experience in Logistics, DHD Logistics is committed to providing freight forwarding services in the country and internationally with the best quality, the cheapest price. When customers come to us, we are also consulted with the most economical shipping plan for their orders through multimodal transport.

The reason we are able to deliver these benefits to our customers is due to our network of reputable dealers throughout the region. With such strong advantages, DHD Logistics’s ocean freight forwarding services are constantly improved and improved to better serve customers.

With a variety of sea freight products, owning a variety of equipment and consolidation services. DHD Logistics ensures your goods will arrive at the right time and at the right place with a saving fee. We are currently working with many major shipping lines to ensure reliable deliveries.

Sea freight services at DHD Logistics

Compared with air transport, the method of sea transport is more diversified with a much cheaper cost. DHD Logistics is in charge of transporting the following items:

  • Sea freight (LCL)
  • Sea freight in containers (FCL)
  • Inland sea transport (Domestic)
  • Sea transport of bulk cargo

Currently, DHD Logistic is deploying transport services combining multiple means of transportation in one order. Therefore, for orders with a large volume of goods, bulky and specific, DHD Logistic still flexibly combines sea transport to deliver goods quickly.

For more information about ocean freight services provided by DHD Logistic, call the Hotline number for advice and guidance.

Hotline: 0967 783 698 – 0971 978 595
Address: No. 28 Duy Tan, Dich Vong Hau, Cau Giay, Hanoi