According to Article 3 of Decree 104/2009 / ND -CPP Regulation on List of dangerous goods and transport of dangerous goods by road motor vehicles: Dangerous goods are goods containing dangerous substances, when transporting, possibly causing harms to health. , human life, the environment, safety and national security.

IMO DG dangerous goods classification

According to Chapter II, Decree No. 13/2003 / ND-CP, dated 19/02/2003 of the Government stipulating the list of dangerous goods, transporting dangerous goods by road and dangerous goods, depending on the chemical, physical and dangerous properties, are classified into 9 type and group type, use UN international codes and hazard numbers.

Vận chuyển hàng khó

Các nhóm hàng nguy hiểm

Group 1: Explosives 

Group 2: Pneumatic, liquefied or Pressure dissolution

Group 3: Flammable liquids 

Group 4: Flammable solids the ability to spontaneously combust and substances that meet water produce flammable gases

Group 5: Oxidizing agents and peroxides organic

Group 6: Toxic and infectious substances 

Group 7: Radioactive substances

Group 8: Corrosive substances

Group 9: Other hazardous substances 

In addition, containers and dangerous packaging Unsecured products that have not been cleaned outside and inside after dismantling dangerous goods are also considered as corresponding dangerous goods.


Transportation and handling of goods is difficult

Regulations on shipping licensing dangerous

There are many strict rules of law The State in the field of transporting dangerous goods to ensure the safety of human life, the environment as well as goods transported. In order to transport dangerous goods, it is necessary to obtain the permission of the concerned ministries.

 Transporting dangerous goods

The transportation of dangerous goods is highly relevant Ministries – branches are different, so each of the ministries and branches permits transport for a number of different dangerous goods:

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issues a license transport dangerous goods for plant protection substances. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment grants permission to transport dangerous goods for the remaining dangerous toxic chemicals in dangerous goods types and groups.
  • Ministry of Public Security issues a license to transport dangerous goods categories 1, 2, 3, 4 and 9.
  • Ministry of Science and Technology issues a license to transport Dangerous goods of categories 5, 7, 8.
  • The Ministry of Health grants permission to transport dangerous goods with dangerous goods are toxic chemicals used in the medical field and chemicals used to kill bacteria and insects used in household appliances.

For transporting dangerous goods defense and security purposes of the armed forces (regardless of goods type) prescribed by the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Public Security.

Transportation of dangerous goods

For many units when referring to dangerous goods quite a concern, however, for the opposite of DHDlogistics.

DHDlogistics’s dangerous goods transport service internationally and always strictly follow the laws of the state.

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Due to years of experience handling the type This shipment, DHDlogistics is very confident and excited to receive these challenging shipments, we always know how to turn challenges into opportunities.

DHDlogistics staff are highly trained , with in-depth knowledge of dangerous goods, should be able to handle all problems that arise with goods during transit.

Shipping shipments are always checked by a strict system to ensure the safety of goods as well as people.

If customers need to transport goods dangerous, please contact Customer Service online or call the DHDlogistics hotline for the fastest advice and support!



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