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Import consignment

SERVICE EXPORT IMPORT In recent years, Vietnam’s trade balance has grown dramatically in both exports and imports. In which, import turnover increases faster than export. What is import? Import is an international trading activity, a process of exchanging goods between countries based on the agreed principles of exchange. exchange for currency as a broker. Import […]

Export consignment

SERVICES EXPORT EXPORT GOODS Exporting goods is one of Vietnam’s strong industries, we have many advantages as well as favorable conditions to promote development. Understanding the strengths and desires of Vietnamese businesses in connecting with the world for development, DHDlogistics provides export services and supports the export of goods abroad. See more: Entrusted import What […]

Transportation and handling of goods is difficult

In addition to the street products, there are some items on the list of difficult to transport goods such as scrap, second hand goods, live plants and animals, perishable goods, etc. However, not all businesses can afford it. ship these items. DHD Logistics is ready to receive transportation for these special goods. Difficult shipping at […]

Transportation and handling of dangerous goods

According to Article 3 of Decree 104/2009 / ND -CPP Regulation on List of dangerous goods and transport of dangerous goods by road motor vehicles: Dangerous goods are goods containing dangerous substances, when transporting, possibly causing harms to health. , human life, the environment, safety and national security. IMO DG dangerous goods classification According to […]

Warehouse services

Currently, warehousing is not only a place to store goods but also an important factor affecting the flexibility in logistics activities in businesses. Warehousing and logistics supply chains are a complex process, requiring close coordination between stages. Businesses, large and small, need professional warehousing to ensure their business is favorable. Importance of warehousing in logistics […]

Air transport

For high value items, fresh seafood or urgently needed time. We recommend that you choose the type of freight transport no to save the best cost and time. Advantages of air transport The strongest advantage of air transport is high speed. As we all know the aircraft has the highest speed of all transport modes […]

Sea transport

Besides the mode of road transport, air transport, the form of “sea transport is also quite popular today. The additional exploitation of this form of transportation helps customers to have more options suitable for the transport of their goods and ensure the most efficient delivery. Items you should transport by sea In addition to the […]

Multimodal transportation

What is multimodal transport? Multimodal transport, also known as combined transport, is the mode of transporting goods by at least two different modes of transport or more. On the basis of a multimodal transport contract from one point in one country to a designated place in another country to receive the goods. Multimodal transport with […]

Currency conversion

Instead of going to agents and banks with cumbersome and time-consuming procedures, you can now easily transfer money domestic or using international money transfer service through DHD Logistics system. With simple, convenient and quick procedure, the recipient can receive money right in the day. Advantages of money transfer services Transfer money to recipients across Vietnam […]

We provide global transportation services

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