Exporting goods is one of Vietnam’s strong industries, we have many advantages as well as favorable conditions to promote development. Understanding the strengths and desires of Vietnamese businesses in connecting with the world for development, DHDlogistics provides export services and supports the export of goods abroad.

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What is consignment export?

In simple terms, export is interpreted as selling abroad. A country that has the strength of goods production will often be strong in exports, because the amount of products produced, not only meet domestic demand but also meet the needs of countries. other family. Therefore, it will promote export development.


                                     Xuất khẩu hàng hóa bằng đường hàng hải

The development of the export industry will create many job opportunities for domestic workers while promoting the development of domestic production. Export of developed goods will lead to a stronger flow of goods which indirectly affects the economic development of each country.

What export advantages do Vietnam have?

Vietnam is a country with many favorable conditions for the development of commodity export industry, from geographical location, to the development of manufacturing industries. In addition to the new policies to create favorable conditions to promote the development of the Export of goods industry.

Favorable geographic location

  • Vietnam is located at the crossroads of important international maritime and air routes, facilitating exchanges between countries in the region and the world.

        Vị trí địa lí của Việt Nam rất thuật lợi cho các hoạt động xuất khẩu hàng hóa

  • Vietnam has a long coastline, is the gateway of the region to the Pacific Ocean, and is also an important air and sea transit point.
  • Favorable geographical location facilitates the implementation of open door policies and international economic integration while attracting foreign investment.

Various commodity manufacturing industries

Our country has advantages in geography and climate to help the economy develop fairly evenly, including some outstanding industries such as:

  • Production and export of agricultural products
  • Production and export of textiles

                                              Một số nghành xuất khẩu chủ đạo

  • Export of seafood products.
  • Producing and exporting handicrafts.
  • Export of electronics, electronic components, vehicles and transport parts …

Export of goods at DHDlogistics

Currently, our country has 10 largest export markets including the United States, EU, China, Asean, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and India. India, United Arab Emirates, Austria.


                                             Xuất khẩu đa lĩnh vực tại DHDlogistics

DHDlogistics transports exports of goods with the 10 largest groups of exports including:

  • Phones and accessories.
  • Computers and electronic products & components.
  • Textile products.
  • Other machinery, equipment, tools and spare parts.
  • Footwear of all kinds.
  • Seafood products.
  • Wood and wood products.
  • Vehicles and accessories.
  • Fibers, yarn of all kinds.
  • Fresh vegetables, tubers, and fruits.

In addition, DHDlogistics has a lot of services consigned exports other potential commodity groups, however, in this article we list only the top 10 major export commodity groups according to the General Department’s statistics. Vietnam Customs. These product groups may change depending on the customer’s export preference. Each category can become a potential category if customers calculate the season and characteristics of each product and capture the potential output market.

With the advantage of holding 7/10 market share in Asia, DHDlogistics is always ready to support customers with online and professional service packages. expert level. DHDlogistics does not use the services that spread to countries around the world like other businesses but focus strongly on the Asian market, so the services we provide are always fast, safe and convenient. benefit customers’ business.