mport and export industry is growing, accompanied by transportation demand is also changing more and more flexibly. One of them is transit service. Transit of goods means the transportation of goods owned by foreign organizations or individuals through the Vietnamese territory, including transshipment, transshipment and storage.

We, DHD Logistics, are confident of being one of the opening companies in transit service with reasonable cost and time saving for our customers.

Currently, shipping services are increasingly important and popular, contributing significantly to the formation and development of online shops. More and more nationwide delivery units have been born, giving shops a lot of choices, but there are so many choices that it is difficult for stores to choose the right shipping unit. products and their needs. The strength of the current freight service is the variety of means of transport and many service models with different express delivery prices and delivery speeds for customers to choose from. You can also post related to the shipping methods & rates below of DHD Logistics to choose the most suitable service for your business.

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Non-trade non-commercial goods

Reliable freight service, good rates

Economical Delivery Service

DHD Logistics helps shop owners optimize shipping costs with economical shipping services. This is a low cost method with reasonable delivery time for the store. The biggest good point for stores when using the Economic Delivery service is that with cheap shipping fees, stores or stores that send orders in large quantities every day will save a huge spending budget. Not only that, NTX always ensures the whole delivery time to help store owners both save money and control the delivery time.

Fast Delivery Service

The Fast Delivery service is suitable for those who want their goods to be delivered as soon as possible. If the delivery of the item is confirmed in the morning before 10:30 am, the recipient will receive the goods within the same day, within the inner province. To meet the customer’s demand for this freight service, the delivery cost will be different from other forms of freight.

Timed Delivery Service

DHD Logistics provides a timed freight service to support the delivery of goods to recipients upon request. People are most likely to confirm the delivery time of the item with the staff before receiving the parcel. This form of transportation helps the recipient to take the initiative and control the time more easily.

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Packing large or heavy items

Heavy cargo box

We can accept boxes weighing up to 70kg without pallets, but make sure customers involved in the shipping process know it’s a heavy shipment. Labeling boxes over 23kg with the label ‘WEIGHT’ will help ensure safety and reliability for those transporting, loading and unloading.


Premium pallets not only ensure the safety & protection of the item – but also avoid additional expenses. Since we charge based on both weight & volume, any shipments that take up extra space or cannot be stacked are subject to an additional charge.


If a customer transfers a shipment that is unusual in size or exceeds 500kg, we may also need assistance with packing and shipping. Contact Customer Service so we can help you with the next step.



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